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Overview of Physician Fee Information

The references on the left (Emergency, Save with HSAs, etc.) are designed to help you save money on health care by making smarter decisions.

You can learn how physician fees are determined and how insurance affects what you must pay out of pocket, including a number of tricks and techniques that you can use to reduce your costs.

Knowing this kind of information in advance could help you save a lot of money!

For instance, did you know that many doctors charge more if you are referred by another physician than they would if you went to see them on your own!

These pages explain the basics of how doctors charge for their services so you can better predict and control your costs. It has been updated to help folks with Health Savings Accounts effectively access more  affordable services.

A Few Online Tools

Follow this link to the American Medical Association web site where you can discover what Medicare reimburses physicians in your area for a particular service (by CPT Code)- AMA CPT Code Reimbursement Search.  You might use this as a target for negotiating better cash prices from your doctor?

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